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About Ligero

Ligero Technical Services, LLC has over 25 years experience in the scientific, educational and manufacturing industries. Located in Austin, Texas, Ligero is the exclusive distribution partner for Elemental Scientific Lasers, LLC laser ablation systems in North America. Please visit our product pages for more information.

Laser Ablation Systems:

Ablation of materials to produce small particles to be analyzed. Applicable to all Solid Samples.

Solid State Lasers:

Available in 1064, 532, 355, 266 and 213nm wavelengths, flash lamp or diode pumped with a pulse duration in the ns range, and Q-switch fired with repetition rates from single shot to hundreds of Hz.Uses include general scientific applications, flat panel display repair, semiconductor failure analysis and material micromachining.

Custom Machine Solutions:

Unique fixturing and parts available in one of kind to high volume

Optical Inspection Systems:

Visual inspection system to detect defects in manufactured parts.